Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspired Design

I went thrift store and secondhand shopping with a friend yesterday and found a couple of great items, all on the cheap. The first item was a little glass bottle with a glass topper for 99cent. The bottle has a label on it that says: Prepared Cotton, Eastern Laos, Siam. Not sure what the bottle was originally used for (my guess is, it held cotton), but I like it.

The second item I bought was this painting. It's a canvas painting with a red background and a giant blue flower/sunburst design with hints of purples and greens. The tag said $6, but when I went to pay for the painting, it rang up as $5. As you can see, I put it on a high shelf above my closet with some other large items that I use to decorate with.

You may recognize this chalkboard from a previous post; it was my d.i.y. (do it yourself) project. I needed a large filler for the same over-the-closet shelf, and choose to use this. A friend and I drew an elephant on it for design. As you can see, we're not artists....

Once I finished setting everything up, this was the end result. Some of the items are kind of boring (i.e. collectible spoon case) but I can't get rid of them at the time and I definitely don't intend on putting them out in a easier to view location.

Overall, yesterday's shopping trip was quite successful!

Inspired Design

Some amazing pics from Better Homes and Gardens. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inspired Design

Again, I've been trolling the Urban Outfitters website...this time, for furniture and decor. Here's my awesome finds:
Night and Day Convertible Sofa - Toffee - $588.00
Lulu Chair - Aqua Tweed - $425.00
Antlers Hook - $19.99
Branch Curtain Tie-Back - $14.00 or 2 For $24
60 in. Round Peacock Printed Rug - $58.00
Coming and Going Coat Rack - Grey - $68.00
Devil Whale Wall Art - $74.00
Squirrel and Fox Couple Framed Print - $28.00

Fashion Sense

I just spent about an hour trolling the Urban Outfitters website. There are so many amazing things that I've now developed quite the wishlist!
Urban Renewal Knit Secretary Dress - $58.00
Silence & Noise Fleece Hooded Faux Leather Jacket - $128.00
byCORPUS Work Shirt - $58.00
Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote - $58.00
Harness Satchel - $68.00
Spillane Straw Fedora - $28.00
Plaid Readers - $6.99
We Dream in Colour Naija Earrings - $19.99
Plumage Headband - $24.00
Braided Leather Cuff - $16.00
Kimchi Blue Floral Skimmer - $29.99
Kimchi Blue Tassel Slipper - $18.00

Song of the Moment

I didn't think I could love music anymore than I already do, but that is precisely what happened when I listened to "Don't Throw Me Away," the newest album by an AMAZING band called The Mumlers.

Their sound is a fun combination of 'Louis Armstrong-esque' jazz and blues and Indie rock, with a feel of marching band thrown in the mix. Honestly....I'm not really sure how to describe it. All I can say is, it's pretty awesome.
I'm not sure who this guy is, but the pic was featured on The Mumler's MySpace page....
Odd? Probably.
Super fun? Almost definitely.
Seriously people: Check this band out! The Mumlers.
By the way, the band's newest album 'Don't Throw Me Away' is on sale at itunes. Act now, before it's too late!
UPDATE: I found a great article on The Mumlers and lead singer Will Sprott. Check it out to see just how cool these kids are! Click here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inspired Design

My older sister P.J. is expecting a little baby boy, due in December, and was telling me that she had just picked out the bedding for the crib. The blankets are baby blue and brown, with a rock'n'roll pattern. This got me thinking: with so many "cutesy" baby things, how does one stay stylish? I present: Awesome baby nurseries/kid's rooms from Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh. No applause necessary.

Inspired Design

These are pics were featured on Apartment Therapy. They're from the home of Elizabeth and Kevin, residents of Philadelphia, PA. I love, love, love their living room. So chic and stylish!