Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art Wishlist

Pieces from the gallery of the amazing photographer, Gray Malin. I sooo want one of these to hang in my home! Enjoy!

Inspired Design

Say hello to the amazing San Francisco pad of Lanz and his roommates, Michael and Brent. So hip.....Enjoy!

All photos found at Apartment Therapy. :)

Fashion Sense

I've been using the same wallet for several years now (the brown and gold wallet below), and although I still love it, it was definitely time to update.

So I found this cute green wallet at Target for only $14.99. It holds quite a bit, so it's both functional and fashionable!Isn't it super cute?!

Fashion Sense

Need to get accessory ready for the Summer? Check out these cute fashions I found on Kate Spade! I want it all. :)

Summer Stripe Jillian Dress - $355
Ivana - $198
Clear As Crystal Short Floral Necklace - $275
Coral Reef Pearl and Star Bracelet - $195
Take a Chance Idiom Bangle - $78 each
Galaxy Swirl Ring - $65
Moon River Pearl Bracelet - $195
Lady Marmalade Cuff - $195
It Takes All Sorts - $75
Single Ball Earrings - $95
Folley Beach Makenzi - $225
Tarrytown Cyndy - $195
Sullivan Street Straw Blakely - $375
Tarrytown Quinn - $395
Villa Mae - $545

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspired Design

I love this eclectic little bungalow! It's the beach side cottage of artist Tina and her husband Matthew, who is a chef. Looking at their home makes me want to be friends with them. Enjoy!

All photos found at Apartment Therapy.