Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspired Design

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspired Design

I went to The Barn in Lake Wales a few weeks ago and took some great photos.

I loved these bottles and vases with porcelain bird stoppers.

I want this lamp. That's all.

This chandeleir looked like branches with little white birds on them. :)

Fabulous peacocks.

I sooo wanted this apron!

One of my favorite things about the shop was this bright blue ornate frame hanging from the ceiling with rope. The red anchor was suspended in the frame. I LOVED it!

Beautiful lamp.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I went thrift store shopping the other day and found some amazing deals! This cute vase was only $3.

This plate was only 2 bucks! It's got a white face with an illustration on it and blue border. The rim is gold. So classy...

The plate says First Baptist Church, Wheeling, W. Va.

Isn't the picture awesome?!

I also got this set of two Pier 1 Imports wall frames. They were brand new, still packaged for only $15!

Inspired Design

I found this awesome blog called sfgirlbybay (San Francisco Girl By the Bay). She's been blogging since 2006, but in her first post she gave a tour of her fabulously chic home. I love the industrial design and blend of earth tones. Enjoy!


While shopping in Lake Alfred Florida, I came upon this cute little shop called Potpourri Antiques. Some of the items are a bit overpriced, but I found a f ew good deals.

This was my favorite purchase of the day. It's a Vera Bradley coin purse. I used to dislike all Vera Bradley products, but lately I find myself attracted to the colorful prints.

The print on the inside is called "Make Me Blush." I loved it so much, I went back and got a computer case in the same print. (More to come on that.)

I love the little "Vera Bradley" jewelry dangling off the front.

I also purchased a pretty box of matches. The T is for Taylor (my last name).

I love the pale blue match heads. Classy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My mom has a small collection of empty frames (some dating back to the '80's I'm sure...). I found this one the other day and was a bit disgusted by its gaudiness. And then I had an idea!

I painted it white! It was such an improvement that I've been on a painting-rampage. More to come on that...

Inspired Design

I went back to Bigger Antiques in Lake Alfred, Florida the other day. There are so many great finds over there, but the prices are ridiculous!

This iron outdoor chair was a part of a set (two chairs and a bench) and I just thought it was so cute!

You may recognize this...I've posted it on the blog before. I still want it!!

This was an old scale used in a grocer's store.

I loved this bike. :)

This old soda water bottles were great. I especially loved the one with the little girl on it.

This American flag on tin was by far my favorite find in the store. But it was $450. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to spend that much on wall art. Oh well.

If you're ever near Lake Alfred and want to visit Bigger Antiques (I reccomend it!) here's a map.