Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspired Design

I went to The Barn in Lake Wales a few weeks ago and took some great photos.

I loved these bottles and vases with porcelain bird stoppers.

I want this lamp. That's all.

This chandeleir looked like branches with little white birds on them. :)

Fabulous peacocks.

I sooo wanted this apron!

One of my favorite things about the shop was this bright blue ornate frame hanging from the ceiling with rope. The red anchor was suspended in the frame. I LOVED it!

Beautiful lamp.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. 1) Wow, this is the last post? You're really slipping. 2) Do you think that chandelier would look good in my room?... We can go to the Barn?

  2. I know....I haven't posted in FOREVER. School, work, babysitting, life in general. And now the Fall T.V. seasons have started up again. Priorities, ya know?