Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspired Design

Inspiring design photos from Coastal Living. Enjoy!


Pretty little things that I like from Heart & Parcel. All of their products are either heart shaped or have a heart on them....could you tell? Enjoy!


Do you have any traditions in your home? One tradition that I grew up with is the tradition of receiving a pair of slippers every year for Christmas. The tradition has faded away, with our family moving from South Carolina to Florida (there is no need for slippers in tropical Florida).

After dropping countless hints to friends (Leah) and family (Loren) and still NOT receiving them for Christmas, I broke down and bought these adorable Nick & Nora sock monkey slippers from Target. They're so cute and I love them!

Fashion Sense

If I could look like any person in the world, I would want to look like Olivia Palermo. We already share the same name...maybe I'll eventually start to look like her...or maybe that's just wishful thinking!

All of these fabulous people (and their fabulous outfits) were brought to you by the amazing photographer, Scott Schuman and his awesome blog The Sartorialist. Enjoy!

Inspired Design

This is the home of Gary and Leslie Ward of Benedict Canyon, California (found at Apartment Therapy). I love the 1970's California style! So contemporary and fun!

I don't know if you noticed....but they have the same IKEA Elephant tray that I have! :) I think it looks super cute in their kitchen!

Inspired Design

Dear Apartment Therapy, I Love You. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

The amazing home of Brad and Kendra from South End, Boston.