Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Don't you hate it when you buy something and shortly after it goes on sale?! Well, I just bought the cutest little elephant teapot at Target for $14.99, and when I looked it up to share it with you today, I noticed that it's on sale! It's $13.49. Nothing to sniff at, but still! It's the principle of the matter!

Anyway, I thought it was just so cute! I had seen similar teapots around (I think Jonathan Adler has one) and had wanted to purchase one to go along with my little elepant tray from IKEA. Here's the official pic from Target.

This is the elephant tray that I got at IKEA a few years ago.


  1. $1.50! The injustice! On the flip side, that elephants so cute.

  2. I foresee many tea parties with this little pachyderm.