Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Sense

If I could look like any person in the world, I would want to look like Olivia Palermo. We already share the same name...maybe I'll eventually start to look like her...or maybe that's just wishful thinking!

All of these fabulous people (and their fabulous outfits) were brought to you by the amazing photographer, Scott Schuman and his awesome blog The Sartorialist. Enjoy!


  1. Clicked on the Olivia Palermo link to see who this girl was (could've sworn it was you.) and automatically liked her because this was the first thing I read: "Olivia Palermo with her boyfriend aka the Golden Jew." Where can I get a "Golden Jew"?

  2. "could've sworn it was you." ---> The highest compliment you've ever given me.