Sunday, June 27, 2010

Inspired Design

I went back to Bigger Antiques in Lake Alfred, Florida the other day. There are so many great finds over there, but the prices are ridiculous!

This iron outdoor chair was a part of a set (two chairs and a bench) and I just thought it was so cute!

You may recognize this...I've posted it on the blog before. I still want it!!

This was an old scale used in a grocer's store.

I loved this bike. :)

This old soda water bottles were great. I especially loved the one with the little girl on it.

This American flag on tin was by far my favorite find in the store. But it was $450. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to spend that much on wall art. Oh well.

If you're ever near Lake Alfred and want to visit Bigger Antiques (I reccomend it!) here's a map.


  1. Its lovely antique furniture.

  2. I'm confused why you don't own that Statue of Liberty yet.

  3. Because it's $2,000 and I'm a college student. That's why.