Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inspired Design

I live in Lakeland, Florida (a city directly between Orlando and Tampa; about 45 minutes from both) and every year downtown Lakeland hosts the Fancy Flea. This is a market represented by local buyers and sellers of everything vintage, and some cute new stuff as well.

Colored furniture was definitely a theme at this year's Fancy Flea. And the colors were anything but dull!

We saw a lot of vendors who had reupholstered old furniture in bright patterns. A great way to update old furniture!

This particular vendor liked to decorate her tables with fun place settings. Did you notice the apples on the plates? They're real! She also had a table with cupcakes!

Creepy baby dolls that seemed to be everywhere....I just had to take a picture.

This particular booth was fabulous! Notice the lamps, sans lampshades? This vendor used glass domes to display various collections. One had a silver platter with different shells and pebbles from the beach.

More reupholstered furniture...

Notice the heart shaped backs on these chairs? I thought it was very Red-Queen-from-Alice-in-Wonderland. :)

I think this piece was by far my favorite in the market. I wanted it, but it had already been sold.

This was a particularly lovely set of pink furniture made for a nursery or a little girls room.

This year's Fancy Flea Market was so much fun, and very inspiring! I can't wait for next year!


  1. Woah, when was this!? And how were the prices? Outrageously high or actually reasonable?

  2. It was May 1st. I'm checking into the date of the next Fancy Flea. The prices were very reasonable actually! I bought a few little trinkets that will soon be on the blog. Are you in the Lakeland area?

  3. I am! I'm so sad I missed something like this. I especially love all the things in the first picture. I would've totally bought that desk (although paint it a different color). I look forward to seeing the trinkets.

  4. Very cool! I will definitely make sure to post events BEFORE they happen, so that you can plan accordingly. :)

  5. Woah woah woah, did I miss all this stuff!? It's so cute (minus the creepy baby dolls)! I feel like I wasn't even there. The only things I remember are the red chairs with the zebra rug and the light pink set.

  6. Haha, every time I look over these pics I notice things that I didn't notice before. :)