Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspired Design

My bosses daughter, Toni, is turning 11 years old, and making that awkward transition from little kid to pre-teen. She recently moved into a new bedroom (her older brother's old room) which was VERY plain. So her mother decided to completely redecorate Toni's bedroom while she was at her dad's house for the weekend. Almost every detail in the bedroom is brand new, including the wall art and the stuff on the two desks.

How cool would it be to come home from a weekend away and find your bedroom completely redecorated?! Happy Birthday, Toni!


  1. I loved the idea of the surprise and also loved the decoration, the colours and the lamp!!
    I just did a post about colourful walls on my blog. This one would fit perfectly. (sorry about my English)
    Virginia Costa (from Brazil)

  2. Woah, those are some colorful walls. Idk if I could even last 5 mins in that room, but for an 11 yr old its cute.