Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday Fancy

I got up this morning and began checking the updates of my favorite blogs, when I came across this: Unusual and chic ways to decorate for fall, as posted on Happy Mundane, the blog of art director Jon.

Apparently he's been experimenting with different ways to decorate for fall, and has used everything from tape, to primer, to florescent paint. Here's his fall centerpiece for 2009.

This was his centerpiece last year, for fall 2008. I really love this one!

Fall 2008 - Second shot

His inspiration came from an issue of Martha Stewart Living, in which she made pumpkin mushrooms. How cute are these?!

Another shot from that same issue of Martha Stewart living.

Have you decorated for fall yet? I'd love to see your pics. Send them in and I'll post them in the blog! :)

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