Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspired Design

Everyone knows that the heart of a home is the living room, usually where both family and friends gather to converse and enjoy each other's company, and the heart of the living room is the sofa. So here are some of my favorite IKEA sofas. Enjoy! :)

Kramfors Sofa Combination - $1,398.00
Manstad Sofa-Bed with Storage - $699.00
Knihult Sofa - $349.00
Kramfors Sofa - $899.00

IKEA Stockholm Sofa - $1,499.00


  1. None of these look comfy. Comfy is a must, atleast if you actually want visitors for longer than a few mins.

  2. I think these totally look comfy! Plus, they'll loosen up over time. The sofas in my parents living room looked kinda like these when they first bought them. Now they're plushy.