Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog Post Numero Uno

Hello all! This is the first official post of my new blog, Lost and Found, etc. Soo exciting!!! I'm a blog addict, spending all of my free time browsing interior design blogs on the internet and I thought it was about time I broke down and got my own blog. If you decide to follow the blog, please feel free to leave comments on how I could improve the blog. I could use all of the advice that I could get! :)

I'll try to blog everyday,, maybe more than once a day, depending on how addicted I get to posting.


  1. you are entirely too excited about this, and it takes way too much energy to read this level of excitment. however, i will try my best to comment on every single entry. even if it is multiple times a day.

    and i feel like i just pledged undying loyalty to your blog.

  2. The fact that you just pledged undying loyalty to my blog kinda makes it feel like I just stared a cult. But thanks! I appreciate your loyalty, Sister Leelee.