Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Wishlist

In my opinion, art is a very personal thing. When purchasing art, the only thing that matters is: Do you love it? I LOVE Michael Sowa's art.

Father, Third from Left

Bunny Dressing
Kohler's Pig

And here's a print by Isiah Lane called Ballooning Over Paris.

While the above prints are simply on my's a print that I actually own. It's a canvas print that I got for $14.99 at a local shop. Definitely one of my favorite art purchases!


  1. Omg are we on the same wavelength or not? I was just at Kirkland's a week or so ago and saw the same "Ballooning Over Paris" print but framed for under $20. I was going to buy it for my future house because it fits my turn of the century Victorian Boardwalk theme, but then I was turned off as it said Paris and location-wise, Boardwalk is New England. Anywho, I also love the piece!

  2. Whimsy, I believe you were right. Great minds do think alike! :)

  3. the pig ones still my favorite. if you get that, i request it go in the "guest room".

  4. Oh. That's what you meant by guest room...