Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspired Design

I spent all day Saturday at the International Plaza in Tampa with my dad and sister. When we got there, I was very excited to find that there was a Ballard Designs retail there. I love, love, LOVE Ballard Designs. We also went into the Robb & Stucky store. I tried to take pictures of all of my favorite things, but the people in the Ballard Designs store started giving me funny looks, so I didn't get as many there. This first pic is from Ballard Designs. I love this canvas artwork!

Ballard Designs had lots of great mirrors. You can see the example on the wall behind the table. They also had a fabulous collection of sturdy, wooden folding chairs.

These outdoor chaise lounges were in the Clearance section. They have a thick, rattan material covering the skeleton of the chair. The cushions were in the cutest pale green, paisley print.

This was a fabulous outdoor chair and ottoman from Robb & Stucky. (and my sister walking down the "up" escalator...)
I found this great chair in Robb & Stucky. It has a tall back and is made from a rich coffee colored leather. These lockers were found in Robb & Stucky as well. They aesthetically pleasing and would make for great storage.
I'm a sucker for claw-foot tubs, and this adorable display was set up in Robb & Stucky.

And last, but not least, I found this fabulous artwork in Robb & Stucky. The colorful prints were framed in an elegant, but simple, silver frame. The crystal chandelier was filled with plant rocks in shades of blue and green.


  1. That whole corner in the 4th pic is so fantastic. Including Loren.