Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspired Design

So, my older sister gave me this thing a few years ago. Now, don't ask me what the thing is, because I'm not 100% sure... It looks like a shadowbox or picture frame, but it has these little pockets in it. I FINALLY found a use for it: A jewelry stand for my earrings!!! What do ya think?

Even though I am proud of myself for finding a good use for this "thing," it is kind of difficult to grab earrings when I'm in a hurry, so I'm considering getting a new jewelry stand for my earrings. Here are some great options that I found at Urban Outfitters.
Filigree Jewelry Hook - $24Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand - $32
Little Birch Jewelry Stand - $28
Ebony Engraved Jewelry Frame - $38
Cast Iron Palms - $24
Bird Vine Jewelry Stand - $24

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