Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspired Design

I love fake plants that look real...or at least sort of real. Why? Because they won't die on you and they look full and luscious forever. A few friends and I had an IKEA day, a while back, and I found this little beauty! The artificial plant cost $5.99 and the Beta plant pot cost $.99.

My second favorite find of the month is this beautiful little, gold bird nest. I was shopping with friends in a little town called Lake Alfred, basically in the middle of nowhere, when we stopped by a little antique store. This store was the most amazing antique store I've ever been in! Not only do they sell antiques, but they also sell new items. The bird nest only cost me $3.99!

I think I want to find either a little ceramic bird or perhaps a few eggs to go in it. In the mean time, it's holding a handful of Hershey's kisses. :)

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