Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspired Design

I spent the day shopping in Lake Alfred, Florida yesterday with my dad and younger sister. We went to an Antique Store which is probably the most amazing antique store I've ever been in. They sell both old and new items.

My favorite item in the entire store is a giant Statue of Liberty replica in a bright teal color. The "flame" is a large circular light. I think I would totally buy it, if only it wasn't $1,250. Sigh.

The store was decorated for the holidays and a lot of the items were on sale!

This is a hammerhead shark that hangs in the front of the shop.

There were about ten different decorated Christmas trees throughout the store and I really wanted to take a picture of each and every one of them, but the store was a bit crowded.

They have so many neat items and one particular item is this old cooking stove and oven.

There was a drying rack full of glass Coca-Cola bottles. I thought this would have made a great sculpture!
I especially loved how they used ladders for bookshelves. (Something I would consider for my own home.)

Another really creative idea was the way they used an old house shutter as a shelf. I think this may be my next home project.

Here's the entire view of the awesome shelf.

Next, we went to a family owned business called The Barn. The Barn literally looks like a gigantic barn, and houses a snack bar, a restaurant, a home decor and furniture store, a seasonal store, an antique store and an outside gardening store.

I love the idea of a traditional fireplace with an elongated mirror over it, and I especially loved this particular look, which was featured in the antique store within The Barn.

They even have a room dedicated to stained glass windows, which are all made on the grounds.

If you pay attention to the details, you'll notice that the frames are all a bit worn, which gives them a lovely antiqued feel.

As we were leaving, we noticed an old telephone booth outside...

...and couldn't resist taking photos in it. Here's my sister coming out, and looking a bit dazed.


  1. I love that antique shop! Ridiculously cute. Also, The Barn literally looks like a giant barn because it is a barn. Just saying.

  2. Hey, I was thinking....I've never been to Lavender and Lace. We should go sometime!