Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspired Design - Frank Roop

Hang on to your boots, kiddies, cause I'm about to blow you're mind! Well, this may not blow your mind (which is okay) but it totally blew mine. Scoot over, Jonathan Adler, I think I just found my new favorite designer! His name, you ask? Frank Roop.

Now, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed those designs....but there are more to come! His site has so many photos of his designs, and they are all so fabulous, so I thought I would make Frank Roop a regular on the Lost & Found. His designs are classy and chic, but with just the right amount of pop. The above designs were a bit one toned, but keep an eye out for the photos to come; there will be more color. I promise! :)


  1. First off, that dog makes that kitchen. Second, I love how the couch in the first picture kind of "pops." It's adorable. And I want random white logs in my fireplace too.

  2. A few weeks after I posted this, I saw a segment on blue velvet in design (apparently velvet is making its comeback)and that sofa was featured in the segment. Ugh. Hate. Velvet.

  3. Oh. That sofa's velvet?... I take back part of my comment then.