Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inspired Design

Again, I've been trolling the Urban Outfitters website...this time, for furniture and decor. Here's my awesome finds:
Night and Day Convertible Sofa - Toffee - $588.00
Lulu Chair - Aqua Tweed - $425.00
Antlers Hook - $19.99
Branch Curtain Tie-Back - $14.00 or 2 For $24
60 in. Round Peacock Printed Rug - $58.00
Coming and Going Coat Rack - Grey - $68.00
Devil Whale Wall Art - $74.00
Squirrel and Fox Couple Framed Print - $28.00


  1. Hmmz. Maybe, possibly, … no comment, love, amazing, yes, idk how I feel?, omg.

  2. Remember how I was telling you that there is a tacky was to decorate using antlers (i.e. displaying a full-headed, taxidermy deer) and a chic way? This is chic. I'm thinking about buying them for Loren's room.

  3. Eh, I guess for Loren's room it would work. However I still don't completly approve. I'm trying to slowly squash the polk county out of her, not add to it.