Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspired Design

I went thrift store and secondhand shopping with a friend yesterday and found a couple of great items, all on the cheap. The first item was a little glass bottle with a glass topper for 99cent. The bottle has a label on it that says: Prepared Cotton, Eastern Laos, Siam. Not sure what the bottle was originally used for (my guess is, it held cotton), but I like it.

The second item I bought was this painting. It's a canvas painting with a red background and a giant blue flower/sunburst design with hints of purples and greens. The tag said $6, but when I went to pay for the painting, it rang up as $5. As you can see, I put it on a high shelf above my closet with some other large items that I use to decorate with.

You may recognize this chalkboard from a previous post; it was my d.i.y. (do it yourself) project. I needed a large filler for the same over-the-closet shelf, and choose to use this. A friend and I drew an elephant on it for design. As you can see, we're not artists....

Once I finished setting everything up, this was the end result. Some of the items are kind of boring (i.e. collectible spoon case) but I can't get rid of them at the time and I definitely don't intend on putting them out in a easier to view location.

Overall, yesterday's shopping trip was quite successful!


  1. <---- Friend. Again. And requests that pic in your will goes to me, thanks.

  2. Stop planning my death so that you can have my art! New pics coming soon...

  3. It's not called planning your death, it's called planning accordingly. New pics hurry please.