Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inspired Design

The following pics are from Episode 3 of HGTV's show Design Star. I picked out some of my favorites to share with you today. :)
Dan's Room: This room has an "orchard" theme, from the chopped wood design on the back wall, right down to the rows of red delicious apples that bring a focal point to the room.

Nathan's Room: This room took me a minute to warm up to, but once I did, I simply fell in love! The walls are painted black with a white design that was made from a mixture of milk and primer and dripped down the walls using a turkey baster. The sofa was turned into a very public journal (featuring writings from the designer) and the FABULOUS chandelier was made from orange slices.

Jany's Room: I love the colors in this room! The two sconces on the back wall are made from breakfast cereal and the "rug" in the middle of the room is crafted from two different colors of paint (blue and yellow) and slices of lemon.

Tashica's Room: This room has a "Garden of Eden" theme. The design on the walls was made from black paint and green, granny smith apples. The couch was painted by the designer, freehand!

Jason's Room: This room was a bit plain in design, but still very unique. The faux tile and wall design were made from matzo crackers. Mazel tov!


  1. Seriously, the only reason you even added Jason's room is because you wanted to say "Mazel tov!"

  2. Yes, yes I did. I really didn't like his room as much as the others, but added it just because of the matzo crackers.