Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Special Guest: Katelyn & Charlie Henry

Today's post is very special, because it features my very best friend, Katelyn! I went over to her apartment for a fondue night with she and her fiance, Charlie, and while I was there I took the opportunity to take some photos of her chic apartment. The awesome light on the wall above the sofa was purchased from IKEA. (As was the white Karlstad loveseat.)

I love that Katy has used her trombone to decorate. (She played all through high school, and she is an Awesome musician.) The end table and matching coffee table were purchased second-hand. The standing lamp with the twig cover was purchased from Marshalls.

Katy has utilized space in her apartment by puchasing this really great Expedit entertainment center from IKEA. By filling some of the shelves with both the Knipsa and Kottebo baskets, she created more storage space.

This is just a fun shot of Kate's fiance Charlie. He did a lot of the cooking that night, and the food was delicious!

I love the awesome light that hangs over the table. (It's also from IKEA.)

This is just a shot of our dessert. The dessert was vanilla bean ice cream put into a hulled out orange halve, drizzeled with an orange syrup and garnished with a little slice of orange. Also, delicious. :)

Thanks Katy and Charlie for such an amazing dinner, and for being guests on the Lost & Found blog!


  1. Oh IKEA. I love the fact the trombone has become a decoration. And whoever hulled out that orange half, props to you. That is not fun.

  2. IKEA tomorrow with Melina! Whoo hoo!!!! Are you as excited as I am?!

  3. Welllll I wouldn't say excited, for I'm not a very excitable person. But am I looking forward to it? Answer: Yes.